Thursday, June 10, 2010

update about releases.

thank you for hanging on releases.

now let's get to the meaty, juicy part. my ruminations on the goddess encyclopedia of secrets and myths. my study of the lives of all my favorite artists of the last 20,000 years. the 2500 movies i've seen since 2005. the 100 or so books that helped me focus and clarify what i Really want to say (not the accident of getting press from online profiles. lol)...

my message?
Beauty exists where you make it.

There is still a place in this world for finely crafted art.

Miracles happen everyday.

i am just going to video release the clothes i am working on...

i am going to release it all.
all at once.
not some huge marketing push: a clear reminder to those that appropriate my work that they took my old funk; the sketches. the bullshit i was spouting that i got lucky about when it turned out to be true...

i'm releasing what i don't show people.

the work you are used to is mostly 7-20 years old.

i did some fun projects last summer that were picked up by the press accidentally... now i'm releasing the work i've been doing for the last seven years. the sketches from 2004 of the clothes that are being released now~ by all the clothing companies in the market.

the music i have been making (which is the focus of my marketing right now)...

...and videos of me talking about harajuku (japanese street fashion), current now~ i've been studying it since the mid90's when i first saw pictures.

about the revival of the Japanese Victorian design movement...

i'm finished with three outfits out of about ten. i'm working with greek and other myths on the subject of sacred beauty and it's application in modern fashion. as always you will like the fashion only there is a twist now...

i will be making fashion films of my clothes to music i have created. the clothes are far more intricate than the current market will bear. i will paint a moving visual soundscape of couture as it applies to the future of what you wear.

i'm so excited it gave me a migraine. i hope it just makes you salivate with anticipation.

crave me. i will not disappoint you.
unless you want to own me.
no one owns me.
not even me.
i belong to the message seen in me by my audience
put there by the divine

bless you
~stefan daniel bell
human designation x
june 10, 2010.

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