Monday, September 21, 2009

bring this | poem by me

Current mood:Here
When you go out into the rain
Bring This
When the sun is shining
Bring This
When others can't see you
Hear you
Feel You

Bring This
When your cries bring an early night
When those who need you need you
Bring This
When hope is a cost 
When all seems lost
When our vision is the distance 
Bring This

In the middle of the space between moments lie truths
Minds cannot know
Like This

The other
The Divine
Places never shown
Like This

Tell me of your troubles with a smile
Like This
Remember those who surround you
Who see you
Who know You
Remember a fish doesn't know it is wet
Just walk and look to each side
See That which surrounds You

-stefan. poem written 10.12.2007
-inspired by the mood of the soul of the words of Rumi

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